Data Structures in C#

Rod Howell
Dept. of Computer Science
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506


This text is supplemental material for CIS 300 at Kansas State University. Its purpose is to provide a written summary of the material covered, with additional explanation and code examples beyond what are presented in class. A background of programming in Java is assumed, and an appendix summarizing some of the syntax of C# is provided. Because CIS 300 is a lab class, no attempt is made here to provide examples for all of the topics covered; instead, students are expected to provide many of their own examples through the lab exercises (in most cases, solutions to these exercises will be provided to enrolled students following the lab). We assume the use of either Visual Studio® Community 2022 or Visual Studio® Enterprise 2019.

Please send to Rod Howell any corrections, including typographical errors, missing images and broken links.